Cavity Housings

Proper choice of a vacuum housing is crucial to ensure cavity stability and minimize frequency drift. The engineers at SLS have invested years of finite element modeling and experimental verification of acceleration sensitivity to match cavity, mounting points, and housing design for a wide range of geometries.

  • Exceptional temperature stability providing low frequency drift over a wide operation range
  • Carefully designed mounting structures to minimize vibration sensitivity
  • Custom temperature stabilization for laboratory or in-field experiments

Cylindrical and Notched Cavity Housings

We maximize the performance of this simple cavity design by optimizing its mounting for rigidity and low thermal expansion. Also available as a transportable cavity housing that preserves alignment, a hermetically sealed enclosure, or with dual-stage temperature stabilization.

  • < 7 mK/°C temperature drift over an intermediate operating temperature range (25 – 45°C)
  • Notched cavity options with reduced acceleration sensitivity for linewidths below 50 Hz
  • Optional mode matching from fiber to cavity
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Multistage Cavity Housings

  • Multiple levels of temperature to ensure precise temperature control at the cavity.
  • << 1 mK/C temperature drift over a wide operating range (25 – 45 C).
  • Thermal time constant of ~38 hours.
  • Cylinder cavities come preinstalled in the vacuum housing.
  • Placement of ion pump provides minimal footprint.
  • Breadboard attachment with pre-alignment optics option available.
  • Multi-bore vacuum housing available
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Cube Cavity Housings

Our unique approach to compact cube cavity housing design offers excellent thermal control. We make use of common-mode techniques to reduce thermal deformation and dampen vibrations, constructing each housing to maximize frequency stability.

  • < 5 mK/°C temperature drift over a wide operating temperature range (25 – 45 C)
  • Tetrahedral cavity mounting structure to allow for transportability without misalignment
  • Breadboard assembly with direct fiber coupling to vacuum housing available
  • Dual axis cavity and vacuum housing option available
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Midplane Cavity Housings

Our custom cavity designs are often based a midplane cavity, as their vertical mounting lends itself well to both portability and customization. We start with our field-proven design and then build each vacuum housing to order, taking into account your specific application and needs.

  • < 5 mK/°C temperature drift over a modest operating temperature range (25 – 45°C)
  • Mounting structure optimized for rigidity and low thermal expansion
  • Optional mode matching from fiber to cavity

Corresponding Cavity Housings
Midplane Cavity Housings

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Cavity Housings