Cylindrical and Notched Cavity Housings: VH 6010/6020

Cylindrical and notched cavities are a favored solution for Hz-level spectroscopy, and we understand them best.

We use carefully modeled mounting supports thoroughly tested to minimize acceleration sensitivity, in a vacuum housing designed for rigidity, low thermal expansion, and vibration damping. Our cavity/housing pairs offer notably low drift over a wide range of temperatures. We recommend notched cavities rather than cylindrical cavities at linewidths below 100 Hz for best acceleration sensitivity and performance.

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Performance & Specs

Frequency Drift < 5 kHz/day at zero crossing temperature, 1550 nm
Temperature Drift < 7 mK/°C
Temperature Control Range ambient to 40°C
Thermal Time Constant 4 hours
Achievable Pressure < 10-6 Torr
Vacuum can Aluminum, with mounting forks for 1″ posts
Viewports AR coated windows angled at 2° with respect to can axis
Fittings Stainless steel tee with two Conflat fittings for ion pump & valve
Temperature Control 6 Ω heaters as standard
Thermistors Two: 10 kΩ @ 25°C
Weight 8 kg
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  • < 7 mK/°C temperature drift over an intermediate operating temperature range (25 – 45°C)
  • Notched cavity options with even lower acceleration sensitivity for linewidths below 50 Hz
  • Optional mode matching from fiber to cavity
  • Can be optimized for commercially available or custom cavity designs
  • Adapts well to transportable and dual stage designs

Engineering Diagram

Customization Options