The SLS Team

Stable Laser Systems opened its doors in September 2009 in the wonderland of laser frequency stabilization  Boulder, Colorado. Home to some of the most innovative thinking in laser stabilization at NIST and JILA, the area offers us excellent optics and coating partners and a rich pool of talented graduates. It also boasts some excellent cycling and hiking, and fantastic views to inspire us.

Under the leadership of Mark Notcutt, SLS has the experience and connections to bring the best engineered frequency stabilization products to market, with Nobel laureate Jan Hall offering additional guidance and consulting. Our ties with leading researchers ensure that our products draw on the best and most current techniques and solutions in next generation laser frequency stabilization. Supporting and driving this work is a team of PhD staff physicists drawn from some of the best labs in the world using laser frequency stabilization. Together, as Stable Laser Systems, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide uniquely customized frequency stabilization solutions in a fraction of the time.

Mark Notcutt, PhD

After years working in laser frequency stabilization with the best in the field, Mark saw an opportunity to create user-friendly products and systems to allow any researcher to apply high-performance frequency stabilized lasers to their work. Mark moved to Boulder after a working visit to Leo Hollberg’s lab at NIST. He went on to work in Jan Hall’s group at JILA, and gained industry experience at Lockheed Martin Coherent Technologies before founding SLS. Mark studied at the University of KwaZulu-Natal and did a post-doc at the University of Western Australia.

Jan Hall, PhD, Nobel Laureate

Suffice it to say, Jan has learned a thing or two about laser frequency stabilization over the course of his career. This was recognized in 2005 when he shared the Nobel Prize in Physics for his work in precision spectroscopy and the optical frequency comb technique. In addition to offering guidance and a having a critical look at electronic designs at SLS, Jan remains active at JILA, is a senior fellow emeritus at NIST, and consults through Hall Stable Lasers. A native of Colorado, Jan holds over 20 honors and awards for work in his field. His web pages have the details: Hall Stable Lasers and JILA.

Josue Davila Rodriguez

Josue Davila Rodriguez, PhD

Josue obtained his PhD from the University of Central Florida under the supervision of Prof. Peter Delfyett. From 2013 to 2015 Josue worked at the Max-Planck Institute for Quantum Optics on high precision trapped-ion spectroscopy. From 2015 to 2018, he worked at NIST Boulder on compact ultra-stable cavities and photonic delivery of microwave signals into cryogenic environments. At Stable Laser Systems, Josue has successfully managed numerous commercial custom projects as well as R&D projects.