SLS unique electronics make it easy to lock your lasers at your target wavelength, cancel drift, and transport your stable light over fiber. These compact, turnkey units will integrate as seamlessly into your existing experiments and employ the power of digital control to make your life easy.

Remote control operation, either remote desktop or command set for interface to your

  • More circuit/control channels per rack unit
  • Offset lock control of your stabilized laser’s frequency
  • PDH locks, phase locks, comb locks


Generate, tune, and share your frequency stable light with confidence

FPGA Laser Frequency Offset Unit

Traditional PDH cavity locking restricts the frequency of the stabilized laser to the cavity resonances at multiples of the cavity free spectral range. Tuning the stabilized laser frequency in between the resonances (with your atom or ion or to an offset w/ a second beam) often requires additional, expensive, power-hungry frequency shifters. This FPGA-based locking system fixes this problem without the need for these optical components, enabling you to lock your laser at any frequency and steer the locked laser output frequency with analog voltage inputs or digital commands.

  • High-speed synthesizer allows for offset frequencies from 15 MHz to 1.5 GHz, which can span most cavity FSRs.
  • A versatile, low-latency system, featuring cancellation of linear drift of your output light and auto-locking and re-locking technology.
  • Digital status messages and serial interface allow for easy integration into your experimental setup.
  • Touch-screen interface.

Multichannel Servo Units

For experiments with multiple, high-power, light sources, SLS multi channel servo units allow for power control fit to your requirements. Whether for metrology or quantum sensing studies, the new MC12 provides power stabilization in a compact, 4U, 19” rack mount enclosure built of SLS’s FPGA servo platform.

  • 12-channel servo and fiber-coupled sensing power control unit
  • LCD touchscreen interface
  • Remote control via HTTP protocol and serial command

Pound-Drever-Hall Signal Unit

The best cavity locking starts with the best error signal, and we’ve generated it for you. Our fully-integrated detector, filter, and RF oscillator is designed to help you obtain ultralow noise PDH signals.  Simplify your error signal generation with this convenient, ready to use module.

  • Compact design customized to your operating wavelength, from 500-2050 nm
  • Components integrated in an enclosure, shielded against RF interference
  • 10 MHz RF drive frequency is standard, customizable up to 50 MHz upon request
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Fiber Noise Cancelation System

This NIST-inspired, all-digital design eliminates unwanted phase noise when distributing frequency stabilized light to remote locations. Use multiple noise cancelation systems in parallel to supply many end users with stabilized light from a single stabilized laser.

  • Integrated dual DDS’s, digital phase detector, digital loop filter, and FPGA for supervisory and servo control
  • Real-time display of phase error and servo performance via compact touchscreen
  • Optional integration of fiber components for a complete fiber transfer assembly
  • Optional integrated laser power control servo for maximum flexibility
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Fiber-Coupled Laser Frequency Shifter

Generate cavity-stabilized light at any frequency with this fiber-coupled device. We use acousto-optic modulation to rapidly shift light without frequent optical realignment. Tunes continuously over ±750 MHz to span the entire 1.5 GHz free spectral range of a standard stable reference cavity.

  • Available at any wavelength that our cavities are sold
  • Broad frequency shifting without optical realignment
  • Integrated software control can be programmed for cavity drift compensation
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