Cube Cavity Housings: VH 3001

Our vacuum housings for cube cavities harness the inherent stability of this compact geometry.

We use our own unique mounts developed through extensive finite element modeling and design iterations. We’ve discovered the best materials, mounting, and common-mode techniques to reduce thermal deformation for maximum frequency stability over the widest possible operating temperature range, also damping vibrations to reduce ambient acoustic noise signatures.

Ultimate portability, maximum performance

Performance & Specs

Frequency Drift < 30 kHz/day at zero crossing temperature, 1550 nm
Temperature Drift < 5 mK/°C
Temperature Control Range 25 – 45°C
Thermal Time Constant 4 hours
Achievable Pressure < 10-6 Torr
Vacuum can 316L Stainless steel, with 3 adjustable-height base clamps
Viewports AR coated windows angled at 2° with respect to can axis
Fittings Stainless steel tee with two Conflat fittings for ion pump & valve
Temperature Control 6 Ω heaters as standard
Thermistors Two: 10 kΩ @ 25°C
Weight 6 kg
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  • < 5 mK/°C temperature drift over a wide operating temperature range (25 – 45°C)
  • Lowest thermal insulation leakage housing: < 0.25 W/°C
  • Diametric and tetrahedral mounting options
  • Highly portable; cavity remains aligned in transport
  • Cavity housing can be optimized for commercially available or custom cavity designs

Engineering Diagram

Customization Options

  • Vacuum housing adaptation available for cube cavities 25 mm in size.
  • Yoke, diametrically constrained, and tetrahedral mounting methods
  • Dual stage temperature stabilization; multistage available upon request
  • Detailed characterization of acceleration coefficient