Complete Systems

Engineered systems built to deliver narrow linewidth and ultra-low drift performance in a turnkey assembly:

  • Ultra-low drift, narrow linewidths in a low-maintenance, turnkey system.
  • Customizable specifications, features, electronics, and accessories available.
  • Choice of system form factor: breadboard to rack mountable system to custom table
  • Each system arrives fully tested with documentation of frequency stability characterization
  • Both onsite and virtual installation/training
  • 1-year warranty with complimentary assistance provided well after expiration
  • Multiline Systems
Let us engineer your ideal system in a fraction of the time

Integrated 1 Hz Stabilized Laser Systems

High precision experiments require a narrow linewidth laser source that remains ultra-stable. Our 1 Hz system delivers both in a convenient, user-friendly rack mountable system. It can be installed or moved in under a day, yet is reliable enough to deliver the same performance year after year.

  • < 1 Hz linewidth at 1530-1575 nm
  • Fully integrated, rack mountable, frequency stabilized systems anywhere from 600 – 1800 nm
  • Less than 20 kHz daily drift
  • Modest 19” 6U rackmount box with FC/APC output
  • Convenient single-switch lock function
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Integrated 3 Hz Stabilized Laser Systems

The most compact and robust of all our systems, this transportable stabilized laser is optimized for minimum size, weight, and power draw. Based on a 6 GHz free spectral range cavity specially mounted to eliminate the need for additional vibration isolation, it delivers surprisingly low linewidths and drift for slightly less demanding applications.

  • < 3 Hz linewidth at 1530-1575 nm
  • Less than 100 kHz daily drift
  • Compact 19″ 3U rackmount box with FC/APC output
  • Touch screen interface and engineering application control and locking
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Breadboard Stabilized Laser Systems

Access the highest performance and most customization options possible with our bespoke breadboard-based systems. Whether you need a system designed for your specific laser or a unique layout, we can create a free-space design with exceptional alignment stability.

  • < 1 Hz linewidth at wavelengths from 500-2050 nm
  • Less than 20 kHz daily drift (dependent on wavelength)
  • Custom footprints, breadboards, and standalone table options
  • Onsite installation, alignment, and training included
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