Fiber Noise Cancelation System: FNCS-1000-1

What good is stable light if you can’t share it? Transfer your stable light to the next room or the next building and stay on frequency

Our one-of-a-kind Fiber Noise Cancelation System solves the problem of sending frequency stabilized light down a noisy optical fiber by providing accurate phase noise cancelation at the outset to maintain stable, narrow linewidths. We’ve combined the best techniques available into a single unit with a dramatically reduced footprint that works with any stabilized laser system. Our touch-screen interface controls an all-digital architecture to quash unwanted phase noise at the push of a button. 

Extend the reach of your stabilized light

Performance & Specs

Operating Wavelengths 500-2050 nm Optional optics package available upon request
Typical System Performance σ(τ = 1 s) ≈ 5×10-17 Measured at λ=1550 nm
Phase Noise Floor <10 mrad rms Typical
Servo Loop Bandwidth 100 kHz
AOM drive frequency Up to 400 MHz User-adjustable
Power Consumption 25 W Electronics control unit only
Dimensions 8” x 11” x 4” box or 1U, half-width rack mount enclosure
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  • All-digital control and signal processing using NIST-inspired technology
  • Real-time phase error trace and servo performance displayed on a 4.3″ touchscreen
  • Includes 1 W AOM driver and external RF reference input for accurate phase compensation
  • Use multiple systems in parallel to supply many experiments from a single stabilized laser


  • Atomic clocks (e.g., Yb, Sr, Yb+, Sr+, Hg+, Ca, Ca+)
  • Time transfer over optical fiber
  • High-precision spectroscopy

Customization Options

  • 2 W AOM RF driver
  • AOM amplitude servo for laser intensity control
  • Integration of additional fiber optic components available upon request
  • Optional remote AOM to eliminate sensitivity to stray reflections (splices, dirty connections, etc.)
  • Front end frequency division options