Spend time on your experiments, not your equipment

Stable Laser Systems is the premier supplier of frequency stabilized laser systems and hardware for research, quantum information, and timing:

  • Sub Hz linewidth stabilization of fiber, ECDL, VECSEL, and Ti:Sapph lasers provided with locking electronics
  • Rack mountable cavity assemblies
  • Frequency stabilized laser systems at a variety of wavelengths
  • Multichannel servo units
  • Custom cavity mirror designs
  • Stabilization of multiple wavelengths to a single cavity
  • Remote control and monitoring of electronics

And much more!

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Visit us in 2024 at:

  • SPIE Photonics West San Francisco (1/29 – 2/1)
  • DPG Freiburg (3/12 – 3/14)
  • CPIA Summit Denver (4/28)
  • DAMOP Fort Worth (6/3 – 6/7)
  • EFTF Neuchâtel (6/25 – 6/27)
  • ICAP London (7/14 – 7/19)

Unprecedented Commercially-Available Stability

Alan Deviation Chart

Allan Deviation of a 200 mm ULE cavity, derived from a three-cornered hat measurement. This laser system used a 1550 nm laser, locked using SLS’s versatile FPGA locking electronics. The red diamonds show fractional instability using no drift removal. The drift may be removed via feed-forward using the FPGA locking system, for drift-free performance, shown in blue.