Systems and Hardware for Cavity-Stabilized Lasers


We design custom cavities and housings, and work with ATFilms (who build the cavities) to deliver you a complete system of cavity, mounting, temperature control, optical coupling and possibly vacuum pump. Our complete systems are available at a variety of custom wavelengths from the visible through the near infrared. We often do customizations of standard housings. For those looking for a complete solution, we can work backwards from your needed specifications to develop a fully-customized frequency stabilized laser system, whether for lab or field use. We enjoy these challenges, as they allow us to stretch beyond our standard laser systems.

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PDH-1000-5B – Pound-Drever-Hall Detector

The best cavity locking originates from the best error signals. This fully integrated detector, filter, RF oscillator is designed to help obtain shot noise limited PDH signals. The circuit includes a fast transimpedance detector (silicon, InGaAs, or extended InGaAs available), RF output signal for EOM phase modulator, and lock-in detection to generate the PDH error signal.

Pound-Drever-Hall detector

FNCS-1000 – Fiber Noise Cancelation System New 2015

This fiber phase noise cancelation system eliminates unwanted phase noise when distributing stabilized laser light to remote locations. Multiple noise cancelation systems can be implemented in parallel to supply many end users with stabilized light from a single stabilized laser.

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Fiber Noise Cancelation System

LFS-XXXX-15-100 – Fiber Coupled Laser Frequency Shifter New 2015

With this fiber coupled device, cavity stabilized light can be generated at any frequency, limited only by the tuning range of the laser source. The LFS series shifter uses acousto-optic modulation to rapidly shift light and a clever design to avoid frequent optical realignment. Frequency can be tuned continuously for > 750 MHz and the total possible frequency shift spans 1.5 GHz, the free spectral range of a standard stable reference cavity.

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LDCC-350-1A – Low Noise Diode Laser Current Controller

This current source has been designed with narrow linewidth in mind. Suppress frequency instabilities at the diode source with this low-noise current controller, which improves performance by reducing the demands on the servo-locking system. Don't let driver noise stand in the way of optimal laser linewidth!

TC-1000 – Temperature Controller

This small-footprint temperature controller has been optimized for sub-millikelvin control of long time constant systems. It is ideal for cavity vacuum assembly temperature control. Reconfigurable for resistive heating or thermo-electric cooling.

Small-footprint diode laser temperature controller