Systems and Hardware for Cavity-Stabilized Lasers

Scanning, Fiber coupled, and Other Cavities

Stable Laser Systems has developed a range of specialty cavity devices. These designs can be used as a starting point for custom work, and are representative of the capabilities leveraged by our expertise in optical cavity mounting, stabilization, design, and coupling. A selection of current offerings is described below.

Fiber Coupled Filter Cavities

These precision mounted, enclosed, aligned, and mode-matched custom filter cavities exhibit fiber-to-fiber transmission loss lower than 1 dB. High performance optical filtering is only a fiber connection away.

High performance fiber coupled filter cavity

Fiber Coupled Filter Cavities

Thermally Compensated Tunable Cavities

These cavities provide relative frequency tuning and narrow linewidth, ideal for precision spectroscopy and other applications. A pioneering thermally compensated design minimizes drift while providing control of the cavity spacing. The undesirable properties of tuning elements, including thermal expansion and long term drift, have been carefully compensated to maximize frequency precision. The frequency reference can be rapidly and precisely tuned, while providing linewidths at the hundreds of Hz level and stability near 1 MHz / day.

Thermally Compensated Tunable Cavity

Thermally Compensated Tunable Cavity

Folded "Z" cavities

These cavities have been designed to provide a long path length in a small volume. They are ideally suited for ring-down and other resonant spectroscopic techniques where small sample size and rapid sample turnover is desired.

Vacuum enclosure for a triangular folded Fabry-Perot cavity

Pictured is the vacuum enclosure for a triangular folded Fabry-Perot cavity, with two optical ports and one electrical feed through visible.

Custom Assemblies

Let our experience accelerate your experimental progress with a custom cavity assembly. Our capabilities in matching optical cavities to the needed vacuum and temperature environments produce world-class results to custom jobs with various atomic, molecular, and optical applications. Pictured is a custom enclosure containing a tunable Fabry-Perot cavity. The housing assembly has been designed to be readily coupled to into a MOT. Please see custom design services ➤ for more details.

Custom tunable Fabry-Perot cavity from Stable Laser Systems

A custom tunable Fabry-Perot cavity and housing assembly which will be coupled to a Magneto-Optcal Trap (MOT).